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    Last week there was a spate of hacks on Path of Exile accounts which frustrated not only players but also Grinding Gear Games.

    Following the hacks, GGG decided that more security needed to be put in place for players. While all the accounts that were hacked were down to poor security by players, the team have worked flat out to deploy an account lock-out system which detects if a player logs in from an unknown IP and then locks the account down. A password to unlock it is then sent to the player’s account email address.

    This is a similar system that was employed by TRION for their MMO RIFT following a spate of attacks after that game launched.

    After a false start last night the Path of Exile patch 0.10.1d was finally deployed this morning with the following changes.

    • If you log into your account from a different city using the game client, your account will now become locked and an email will be sent to you with an unlock code. Entering this code will unlock your account. If this occurs to you when you haven’t changed location, then someone else has your password and you should change it immediately.
    • Saved login details now only work if you’re connecting from the same IP you saved them on.
    • Fixed a crash that could occur when using chaining arrows on monsters that overlapped.
    • Fixed a problem with the Shipyard end-game Map where too many chests would spawn

    For all the latest on Path of Exile, head to POE: IncGamers.


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