Cubit goes Pay What You Want on Steam Green Light

CoderChild announced Cubit The Hardcore Platformer Robot for PC, the campaign 30 Days (or more) of Pay What You Want for Cubit The Hardcore Platformer Robot PC from Thursday, May 15th 2014, on, and the Cubit Steam Green Light Campaign.

“Since the release of Cubit on the 3DS, I’ve been planning to release the game on the PC. But it has not been until now that I’m decided to release it under the Pay What You Want format. But a true Pay What You Want, so if the player want to pay 0$ he will get the FULL game for FREE.

Just to be fair, if the player pays something he or she will get something in return: they’ll get the new EX-tended version of the game from 1$ on.”

– David Marquez .

To get information about the 30 days (or more) Pay What You Want Campaign, visit this link.

Game description:

Cubit The Hardcore Platformer Robot is an action-packed platform game, where music plays a very important role.

With only one button to jump, you must help Cubit to go from platform to platform, while you avoid obstacles and enemies through the different scenes of the game.

Perhaps you think this makes this game not difficult, right? Well, you are right; this game is not difficult… this game is Hardcore! Choose the path you want to do in each game and reach each of the 3 endings available!!


  • Cubit is one of the hardest games you will find on the Nintendo 3DS eShop, and now on the PC. Hard but rewarding.
  • Features a non-linear level system similar to the one found in Sega’s Out Run.
  • Music plays an important role: action is synchronized and level design is built around it.
  • Cubit features characters from other video games. Like Dani from Unepic, and Nec from Chronos Twins.
  • Game engine, logic, design, art, sound fx and music has been done by only one person: me : )
  • There are 3 different endings!
  • The game tweets your high scores and achievements and tell it to @CubitTheRobot! (if the player wants)

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