Payday 2 Armored Transport Heist Dlc Coming Tomorrow

505 Games and Overkill Software have announced that the action-packed four-player co-op, Payday 2 will be getting its first batch of DLC, and it will be arriving tomorrow. Well, if you have the game on PC that is.

This DLC is titled ‘Armormed Transport Heist’, and will include; some brand new armored car heist, playable across five existing maps and the train heist, three new weapons, four new President masks (Reagan, Clinton, Bush & Obama), four new mask patterns as well as four new mask materials.

The ‘Armored Transport Heist’ will set you back £4.99, and will be available to pick via Steam for the PC.

We are told that the Armored Transport Heist pack will be coming to Xbox360, and PlayStation 3 sometime in 2014. The delay on the DLC consoles release is down to the folks at Overkill Software making patching the console version of Payday 2 a priority.

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