PAYDAY 2 VR beta is now live for the Vive and it’s free

PAYDAY 2 VR beta is now live for the Vive and it’s free

Starbreeze and Overkill have now launched the PAYDAY 2 VR beta on Steam.

The VR version of PAYDAY 2 was announced back in May and this is a big deal for VR owners looking for VR games with a decent amount of content. PAYDAY 2 VR includes all the content from the core game and players can use their existing characters in VR.

Even better news is that the VR version is completely free for anyone who already owns PAYDAY 2. Vive owners may want to hit that install button on Steam to check this out because it can be played with all players in VR or a mix of VR and desktop players.

The VR mode has just gone into beta testing and details of how the Vive controllers work have also been posted along with the following image. It appears straightforward enough.

payday 2 vr

VR players will have to opt-in to test the VR version on Steam and the beta branch uses a different save file form the main game. They also recommend a GTX 980 or above.

  • Find PAYDAY 2 in your steam library and right-click – select Properties.
  • In the Properties window – select the tab called “BETAS”.
  • In the drop down menu in the BETAS tab – select “open_vr_beta” and close the window.

The testing period is expected to last a few months before it’s patched into the main game in 2018.

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