Pci 2021 2022 Release Dates

June 2021 PC game release dates

The following PC games are expected to release in June 2021.

Note: The schedules are subject to change.


Necromunda: Hired Gun (Streum On Studio): June 1

Visit the seedy underbelly of Necromunda, the most notorious hive city in Warhammer 40,000. Bring the big guns, take out your targets, and complete your bounties.

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Stonefly (Flight School Studio): June 1

Ride and control giant mech bugs in this action-adventure game.

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The Elder Scrolls Online – Blackwood (Zenimax/Bethesda): June 1

Find out the truth about Mehrunes Dagon’s machinations and go on an adventure via the new companions system.

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The Last Spell (Ishtar Games): June 3 (Early Access)

This turn-based tactics game has roguelike elements, and you’ll control a small party of heroes to fight off waves of enemy hordes.

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Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts 2 (CI Games): June 4

Take down your targets from afar in massive maps set in the Middle East.

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Edge of Eternity (Midgar Studio): June 8

Edge of Eternity has been in Early Access since 2018. This turn-based RPG with anime-ish characters adventuring in a fantasy world will officially launch this June 2021.

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Chivalry 2 (Torn Banner Studios): June 8

Did somebody order a battle axe and a suit of armor? Well, it’s time to get medieval.

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Backbone (EggNut): June 8

Backbone has you playing as a raccoon detective who’s out to investigate crimes in the city of Vancouver, now filled with animal inhabitants. The game features dystopian and noir themes.

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Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis (Sega): June 9

New Genesis is an upgraded and overhauled version of Phantasy Star Online 2. It has a more detailed character creation system, updated visuals, and new improvements.

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Ninja Gaiden: Master Collection (Koei Tecmo): June 10

This bundle includes Ninja Gaiden Sigma, Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2, and Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge.

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Guilty Gear Strive (Arc System Works): June 11

The next game in the Guilty Gear franchise comes out this June 2021.

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Roguebook (Abrakam Entertainment): June 17

This roguelike deck-builder game comes from the developers of Faeria and Richard Garfield, the creator of Magic: The Gathering.

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Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance (Tuque Games): June 22

Play solo or join your friends (in four-player co-op) as you battle creatures from Dungeons & Dragons.

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Ender Lilies: Quietus of the Knights (Livewire, Adglobe): June 22

Ender Lilies: Quietus of the Knights has been available as an Early Access title since January. It’s a 2D action game in the vein of Metroidvanias and other Souls-like titles. It’ll officially launch this June 2021.

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Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 – The Official Video Game (Sega): June 22

The Olympics in Tokyo, Japan got postponed last year due to the pandemic, though plans are still in place for it to push through this year. Here’s the official game if you want to try some of the events.

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Legend of Mana (Square Enix): June 24

The original Legend of Mana released in 1999. This time, you’ll get to see it in full HD.

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Scarlet Nexus (Bandai Namco): June 26

Use your psionic powers in this action RPG. Perhaps you’d be able to fend off the “Others” who want to eat your brains.

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