April 23rd, 2016

PC Invasion Plays 8-Bit Armies

PC Invasion Plays 8-Bit Armies

Ahead of its release on Friday 22 April, we jumped into a skirmish game of Petroglyph’s new retro looking RTS 8-Bit Armies.

In this video we take you through a quick match to show the tech tree and annihilate the AI. Players of the classic C&C releases will recognise a lot of the unit types, structures and the UI. Petroglyph has taken the RTS right back to its roots with this one, and even if you don’t like the retro style, it’s not really an issue once you ‘ve been playing for a while. Tanks, troops, choppers and super weapons. It’s all here.

It’s worth pointing out, the AI is on easy in this match so we can show you the buildings and units.

If you’ve not read our interview with Petroglyph about the game you can find that here.

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