PC Invasion Plays Diablo 3: The Darkening of Tristram event

PC Invasion Plays Diablo 3: The Darkening of Tristram event

It’s been a while since I dived into Diablo 3 because hunting¬†down pieces of loot and continually running the same content became a little tedious. However, here’s something new-ish.

Every January Blizzard will hold their Darkening of Tristram event which is simply 16 dungeon levels made to look like the original Diablo. If you thought this was Diablo 1 being put into Diablo 3, well it’s not. The event is essentially Diablo 3 levels made to look like Diablo 1 with their weird retro-filter and the angles of movement cut in half.

The plan for this video was to show you some of it but then I got far enough quickly and I decided to just run the whole thing. In this video, I used an old existing character to get through it in a reasonable time and it wasn’t challenging. Blizzard recommends you start a new character to get the most out of it and I have to agree with that.

Despite the fact I get through all 16 levels quite quickly, I have to say it’s a disappointing addition to the game, especially when you finally meet Diablo. Blizzard has somehow managed to completely¬†remove all the tension of the original when you eventually had to pull those levers and release the big guy in what was quite a large dungeon level.

Still, the music is nice.

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