euro fishing

PC Invasion Plays – Euro Fishing

When tackling a game like Euro Fishing, it’s too easy to get hooked on puns. I don’t want to carp on about it, but reeling people in with lines about “big rods” is just swimming against the current of creativity. So I’m making it off-fishial. No piscine puns here.

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In this thrilling video, you will see half an hour of Euro Fishing in all its glory. The eternal struggle of man against fish. Nature versus rudimentary nature-catching technology. Me … against correct line-casting technique.

It’s a look at two of the game’s five lake-based levels, plus a very poor attempt at one of the ‘challenge’ mini-games as a kind of mid-point interlude. I think my problem there is that I was still using the very first (and rather short) fishing rod/line set-up. So I didn’t stand much of a chance, really.

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