The Farm 51, previously known for WW1-with-vampires shooter Necrovision, are back with Get Even. This time, you’re a man trapped inside an asylum who pops in and out of memories with the help of a talking television. You know, nice, normal stuff.

    Get Even is written by a duo who normally work with Derren Brown, so that should go some way to explaining why figuring out what’s real and what isn’t is so difficult. In this half hour or so of footage, I play through one of the more shooter-centric memories (with the aid of a handy device called the ‘corner gun’) and then return to the asylum for a look at a more walking-based segment.

    It’s an unusual game, and one which is trying to do quite a few novel things. The success rate isn’t 100%, but the sound design, voice acting, and unsettling narrative all seem to be rather decent. Get Even is out now.

    Peter Parrish

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