Hello supporters! It’s June already, we’re almost half way through 2016.

As you will have noticed, we’ve made a few changes to the site in the past week. The main change is the site width which had been set at around 1000 pixels for years. In this day and age most of us run at higher resolutions so it was time to move up and make use of more screen space.

For a couple of days some of you might have seen ads which was an error carried over with template changes. This problem should be resolved but let us know if you spot anything else.

June is a slow month for games, probably one of the slowest we will see this year when it comes to big game releases. Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is the big one this month along with Hearts of Iron IV. We will be taking a look at both of these. We are always open to supporter suggestions for coverage of course.

Last month Peter was away on holiday which added some extra pressure on Tim and I but hopefully you guy’s didn’t notice too much. We are all back in action now.

E3 is coming up and we’ll be making sure all the important stuff is covered on the site as soon as that kicks off. We used to attend E3, I have done ten in total, but like all press events we now opt-out as it’s our site policy not to join in the PR hype. We prefer to bring you coverage based on our own experiences closer to game retail releases or unless we can go hands-on with an unreleased game on our own rigs.

Regarding news. We are not attempting to cover everything with the news, just the stuff we think is important or may be of interest. Every day we are bombarded with press releases, most of which have little value other than being an advert for a game. We do check everything that comes in but if it looks like we’ve “missed” something, we probably haven’t, it’s just not really news. As a small team we have to choose carefully what we spend time posting up.

We are looking at getting more giveaways sorted this month and we will be dishing out a load more Paragon beta keys very soon so watch out for those. Some us here on the site are playing together as a group at the moment too.

So how are we doing? Is there anything you want to see us cover on the site? As supporters, you can help shape the site content so do give us feedback.

As with every monthly post we will check this daily for your comments so feel free to add to it throughout June.

Paul Younger
Founder and Editor of PC Invasion. Founder of the world's first gaming cafe and Veteran PC gamer of over 22 years.

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