PC Monday Night Combat Launches With Team Fortress 2 Crossover Items

Uber Entertainment’s Monday Night Combat launched yesterday on the PC (appropriate, as it was a Monday) and brought with it a selection of Team Fortress 2 crossover items.
As detailed over on the game’s Steam page, anybody who purchases the $15.00 USD title through the digital download service before 1 February will get a selection of TF2 items to wear in-game, and a couple of Monday Night Combat items for TF2.
Here’s a picture (click for the full shot,) followed by a short description of each:

Bonk! Slash!: Spy mask and Scout headphones worn by Assassin
Mental Illness: Sniper hat worn by Sniper
Jet Guns Are Better: Pyro’s gasmask worn by Tank
Eye Lad: Demoman’s cap and eyepatch worn by Assault
Bavcon: Heavy’s bandolier worn by Gunner
Doctor Dispenser: Medic’s backpack and Engineer’s hardhat worn by Support
The Athletic Supporter: Available for every TF2 class
The Superfan: The Mascot’s hat worn by the Scout
The Essential Accessories:The Mascot’s wristbands, socks and shoes worn by the Scout

Just in case you need more confirmation, enjoy the Monday Night Combat (PC version) launch trailer below.