April 6th, 2017

Peavey To Debut Guitar-Controller Hybrid At E3

Peavey, manufacturer of guitars and other such devices that make noises when you touch them, will debut its “revolutionary full-sized six-string electric guitar and game controller” at E3.

No longer will players of rhythm-based music games have to endure the jibes of proper musicians, as the Peavey HeroMaker promises to be fully functional with both “your favorite music video game” and a real, live, actual amplifier. It probably still has coloured buttons and stuff on it though, so you’ll have to explain that away to the hardcore muso types.

Information is sparse at present, with even Peavey’s dedicated site offering little more than a “Coming Soon.” But further details about this unholy guitroller union will no doubt emerge when it debuts at E3 alongside Zivix’s JamParty: Be the Music title. We do know that it features patented “finger sensing” technology, which sounds like … well, something a real guitar already has.We also know it won’t look like the picture up there, because that is clearly a lady dressed as a guitar controller.

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