Pentiment Map Daily Cycle Day Night Guide
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Pentiment: Map navigation and daily cycle guide

Time to do work.

Pentiment has a couple of murder mysteries for you to solve. However, you have a limited window of time to conduct your investigation. Here’s our Pentiment map navigation and daily cycle guide to help you make the most out of each moment.

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Pentiment map navigation and daily cycle guide

First off, map navigation in Pentiment is fairly straightforward. The areas or rooms in the game tend to be interconnected, with icons that notify you if there’s a path ahead. For instance, while you’re inside the church, you’ll see that there are exits to the main yard, old bailey, tower, crypt, and so on.

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If you do open the map, you’ll realize that these connections are denoted by either roads (in the town of Tassing) or openings (abbey rooms).

Likewise, your character has a triangle marker, and the active objective has a star. In case of multiple objectives, these, too, will be marked on the map.

Now, regarding the daily cycle or day-night cycle in Pentiment, you can expect the following:

  • Barring a few examples, Andreas is required to sleep in the evening. Most houses and shops are also closed for the night, which means you won’t have a lot of NPCs to talk to.
  • There are two work hours/segments in the morning and afternoon. This is usually the time when Andreas paints or conducts his investigation.
  • Important actions, such as doing chores to gain someone’s trust or sneaking around to follow a suspect, will use up a chunk of that period/segment.
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  • You’ll need to have two meals each day. Andreas will tell you that he needs to find someone to eat with (i.e., marked with an icon on the map).
  • In some cases, eating with certain NPCs or families will provide you with information about the town or the suspects in question. Alternatively, you might gain an opinion boost that will cause that NPC to divulge more info later.
  • Once you reach the target deadline, you’ll need to present your findings and accuse someone of murder.
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Pentiment is available via Steam.

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