Call of Duty: Ghosts perks

So perky.

I expect the perk system in Call of Duty: Ghosts is pretty straightforward in practice, but when written down it sounds more confusing than a tax return. Have a look at this sentence from the community blog post about the system: “Each of the 35 available Perks is weighted with a point value of 1 through 5. Your loadouts naturally have a pool of 8 points to spend on Perks, up to a total of 12 depending on your loadout choices.”

Okay … so. Oh wait, there’s more. “In addition to the initial 8 points, a single Perk point is tied to the Primary Weapon slot, Secondary Weapon slot, Lethal and Tactical. Take away any one of these items for an additional Perk point, allowing a maximum of 12 points to spend.” I … err … alright.

Maybe my brain is just cold or something, but this is all reminding me of The League of Gentlemen’s card game skit.

There are also two ways to unlock these 35 different perks. You can either reach the level requirement for them (as per usual,) or spend ‘squad points’ to unlock them early. How do you get squad points? I have no idea! Probably by playing the meta-squad game in multiplayer or something.

For slightly more coherent details about the perks, you might want to just have a read of the post itself. It has a few details about what some of said perks actually do, which I’d imagine is quite helpful.

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