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PES 2018 may finally be the series entry that brings parity on the PC, according to statements from Konami. Previous entries in the football series have been stuck in a weird half-way house between playing (mostly) like the PS4 version, but looking like a PS3 game.

That looks like it’ll no longer be the case. As part of their announcement of PES 2018, which is coming out on 14 September, Konami have specifically addressed the PC version. It’s number seven on a list of seven, but hey, at least they’re acknowledging this.

Under the heading “Significant PC Improvements,” Konami say that the PC Steam release will undergo “substantial enhancements in graphics and content”. They add that this version will have “parity across all current gen platforms”. Normally we hope for tweaks and options that make the PC version a little better than the console releases; but in the case of PES even parity represents a pretty big step.

The prior six items in the list round up what else to expect from PES 2018. That includes a UI overhaul and the addition of pre-season tournaments, improved transfers, and pre-match interviews to the Master League mode. A new 2v2 and 3v3 online co-op mode (with drop-in support for local guests) is being added too.

There’s lots of talk, too, about refined gameplay. The proof of that is always in playing the actual game, but stuff like contextual shielding of the ball, enhanced Real Touch (Real Touch plus) for controlling the ball, and “a more realistic game speed” all sound pretty promising. PES 2017 already played rather well, so they don’t need to change a whole lot there.

Here’s a teaser trailer. A full video is being promised on 13 June.

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