Pigeons, puzzles and platforms. Tesla Breaks the World wants your backing

tesla breaks the world

If you ever wanted to play a game as Nikola Tesla and take on your nemesis Thomas Edison then a new game called Tesla Breaks the World could be the one for you.

The world is broken, and through a combination of 2D platforming, puzzle solving, inventions and randomly generated levels, as Tesla players will set out on an adventure to fix the world. Being an inventor, Tesla has all kinds of contraptions at his disposal to help him on his adventure including a hover platform, a Micro-Portable Magnifying Transmitter Device and even a trusty pigeon for scouting ahead.

The question is, does it feature zombies? Yes, even Tesla had to take on zombies in the 1800s and how well you solve the puzzles will influence how many zombies spawn on the levels. With randomly generated content and environments,  developer Archetype Global are aiming to make this platformer highly replayable.

It’s a strange sounding game but it does look fun and it features a great art style which has been inspired by classic cartoons, abstract & modern art and the works of Eyvind Earle.

The developers are looking to raise a very reasonable $5,500 on Kickstarter to get the game complete and it’s going to be added to Steam Greenlight soon.