The latest backer video for Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire is another grab-bag of features and inclusions that Obsidian are working on. There’s a fair range of stuff here, from dancing animations to felines kept alive by soul energy.

    Everybody gets a unique ship steering animation, no matter their race (or size), so any created character will be able to play at helmsman. Any companions, too.

    When not guiding a vessel, NPCs might be swilling pirate grog, banging out a tune on a piano, or dancing the night away with new idle animations. They can also projectile vomit when the drinking goes awry. Lovely.

    Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire will be including small, throwable bombs in its arsenal. Ten types are confirmed, and a few (like Frost) are shown off in the video. Using them can be a risk, unless the person using them has put points into Alchemy.

    Finally, animancy cat; a cat with “extraordinary powers” kept alive by the dubious science of animancy. She’s one of the travelling pets that can join your party.

    Peter Parrish

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