Obsidian have released what appear to be their final pair of teaser images pertaining to Pillars of Eternity 2, pointing towards an announcement tomorrow at 10am Pacific Time. The last couple were accompanied by the numbers 26 and 10, and Monday’s added a PST to that list.

The words accompanying today’s image have pretty much spelled it out, stating “Tomorrow. 10.00AM PST. Return.” After the first three symbols and quotes relating to Edér, Pellegina and Aloth were published, the next five have seemingly been referring to new companions who will appear in the sequel. There have also been indications that this game may take place (at least in part) in, or around, the Deadfire Archipelago.

Here are the latest two images. Not long to go now until the actual announcement (be that of the game itself, or a Kickstarter, or whatever Obsidian are planning to do).

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