Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire fully funded in 24 hours

Obsidian has shared more details of what’s in store for Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire after the game releases on 8 May.

No less than three expansion packs are planned for the game which will include new quests adding to the lore, new areas to discover, and of course new characters. Details are as follows:

The first downloadable-content pack (DLC), ‘Beast Of Winter‘ will be available in July 2018, and will take your party to an island populated by a mysterious doomsday cult, that hides an ancient secret. Players will get to experience adventuring in ‘The Beyond,’ a mysterious dimension populated by ancient souls and filled with devilish challenges.

The second DLC ‘Seeker, Slayer, Survivor’ available in September 2018, is a combat-focused expansion taking place on a previously undiscovered island that will challenge the martial prowess of your party, and your tactical skills as a commander, as you embark on a mission to rediscover ancient relics, and pit your party against Eora’s most skilled and savage.

The third DLC, ‘The Forgotten Sanctum’ available in November 2018, will test your party’s allegiance and morality in a quest to help (or obstruct) the great wizards of Eora. Will you befriend, betray or befuddle these venerable mystics as you uncover secrets lost to the generations? The consequences of your actions will be felt across the Deadfire Archipelago whatever you decide.

All three of these content updates are included in the Obsidian Edition (£57.99) which is on sale now. A Season Pass will also be available and they can also be purchased individually for $9.99. Pre-orders can be purchased on Steam, GOG.com, and Obsidian.net

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