pillars of eternity

This dark ritual will have to wait until 2015.

Paradox and Obsidian have announced that the Kickstarter-funded RPG Pillars of Eternity will be nudged into early 2015, rather than meeting a late 2014 release date. This has been somewhat on the cards for a while, with “end of 2014” being framed as more of a hopeful rather than concrete release window.

“Since the very beginning of this project we promised our fans and ourselves that we would release this game only when we knew it would be absolutely ready for the best experience possible. We’re very close to that point, but not quite there yet,” says Obsidian’s man of challenging pronunciation, Feargus Urquhart.

Still, according to Feargus and the announcement post in general, the Pillars of Eternity beta feedback from players has been “extremely helpful” and it seems like this, in part, is why the development team have decided to take more time on the game.

Incorporating beta suggestions, adding more polish and ensuring that the title releases in the best possible condition appear to be message explaining the delay. All of which sounds pretty reasonable, really.

“Your enthusiasm and support has been energizing for everyone and we’re just as excited as you are for this game to come out and kick this new renaissance of classic style CRPG’s into high gear,” the statement concludes.

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