pillars of eternity

It’s probably a bit more interesting in context.

The latest update about Pillars of Eternity comes with a graphics-focused video showing some of the rendering techniques used in the game. If you’re interested in how Unity can be used to facilitate various lighting effects and optical illusions, this is worth viewing. Even if you’re not, it does give a small glimpse of an area in the game called First Fires (in Defiance Bay.)

Pillars of Eternity lead programmer Adam Brennecke is your host and voiceover artist for this one, talking about the various “passes” that are done over their Maya-created background images to create the final scene you’ll see in the video. The most eye-opening one for me was seeing how the optical illusion of isometric 3D is created from a 2D image and some designated “players can walk here” areas. It’s pretty trippy to see this lovely castle scene distorted and moved around in 2D.

At E3, it sounds like Obsidian will be showing the game behind closed doors. However, they have posted a lone screenshot (above) of the area they intend to demonstrate at the show. More screenshots from the demo will be forthcoming in post-E3 updates. As will the final class update all about Fighters and Barbarians.

You can watch the graphics layering video, below.

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