Pillars of Eternity patch 1.03 out now

As expected, patch 1.03 for Pillars of Eternity has hit Steam, with a GOG release soon to come.

Peter noted yesterday that patch 1.03 was currently in QA testing and would be in the hands of the public “as soon as possible” (Obsidian’s words, not Peter’s), and sure enough, it materialised in a beam of magical energy earlier today. Or popped up on Steam, but that’s boring.

Confirmation comes from both the patch notes post on the Obsidian forums now opening with “This patch is now available on Steam, and will be available on GOG soon”, and from the fact that my Steam client just downloaded 1GB of Pillars of Eternity data. That, and reader Nasarius mentioned in the comments section of yesterday’s news item that the patch was downloading, so that’s a triple confirmation.

I’m not going to go into huge amounts of detail on what this patch incorporates, both because Peter did that yesterday and because I haven’t actually played the game yet, but I will say that it might let you equip your cats with hats. “Bears and Cats can now be equipped with hats. This is most likely not a joke… but might be a joke,” says the actual patch note. Dr. Seuss RPG confirmed.

I should add, though, that Peter doesn’t seem to be able to see the patch just yet, so it might be that only the European localisation of it (if that’s a thing) is currently out. I can’t imagine that it’ll take much longer for it to arrive anywhere else, though, if that is the case.

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