Tsk, these indie guys are getting as bad as the major publishers with their announcements-of-announcements. Online car combat title Autoduel will be getting a Kickstarter campaign in the near future, but doesn’t actually have one yet. Enjoy that piece of non-news!

Ok, in fairness, developers Pixelbionic do have some genuine news to share; that is the information that David Jaffe (of Twisted Metal fame) has joined the crew. That crew also includes Scot Kramarich (Interstate ’76 and ’82), Zack Norman (Interstate ’76) and Rafael Paiz (Return to Castle Wolfenstein.) Not a bad line-up, really. Possibly one which stretches the definition of ‘indie’ to its semantic limits as well.

Anyway, they’ll be working together to make sure Autoduel can deliver “high-octane thrills and spills of team-based car combat with RPG-influenced persistence and progression gameplay.”

It’ll have twenty unique cars in three different factions, plus customisation options for decals and the like. Plus lots of space for weapons so you can blow one another up.

Autoduel pairs the vision of the best talent in the industry with the enthusiasm and support of gamers, a combination we are confident will set the bar for what can be achieved in a new PC vehicular combat game,” says Pixelbionic’s Mike Arkin as he furiously guns the gas.



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