The beta period for online, multiplayer FPS Planetside 2 has been teased and teased over the past few weeks, but now it seems to finally be on its way. Really. You can surely trust the president of Sony Online Entertainment John Smedley when he writes “The beta will start next Mon or Tuesday barring any unforeseen circumstances”.

    Well, actually, Smedley wrote “THE BETA WILL START NEXT MON OR TUESDAY BARRING ANY UNFORSEEN CIRCUMSTANCES” because he was so excited he had to shout about it. But it all amounts to much the same thing, namely that the beta is just around the corner now.

    You can still attempt to sign up for a place if you fancy your chances, although by now what limited spaces there were for the beta launch have surely been filled. Can’t hurt to get your name down for a later date though.

    Here’s what the beta might look like.


    Peter Parrish

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