Planetside 2

I’m looking forward to the inevitable “I love the 2000s” documentaries in which Stuart Maconie will lean back with a whistful, faraway gaze and say “Ahhh … shops, eh? Remember those?” Looks like Planetside 2 remembers just fine. It’ll be getting a £8.00 GBP retail release in Europe, courtesy of Koch Media and ProSiebenSat.1 Games.

You’ll be able to pick it up from 16 August and it will, of course, include some gear. After all, why else would you spend eight quid on a free to play title? Here’s what you’ll be getting for the price:

24 Carat Power Pack

  • Exclusive to the retail version: Golden SMGs for each of the three empires:
  • Vanu Sovereignty Eridani SX5-G: The Eridani SX5 fully automatic submachine gun excels in close quarter combat situations.
  • New Conglomerate AF-4 Cyclone-G: The AF-4 Cyclone is a fully automatic submachine gun that has a higher damage output than most weapons in its class.
  • Terran Republic SMG-46 Armistice-G: The SMG-46 Armistice fully automatic submachine gun features a fast rate of fire and larger than average ammunition capacity.
  • 7-day +50% XP boost: increases experience gain by 50% for 7 days on your character
  • 1000 SevenCash / Station Cash, redeemable through PlanetSide 2 accounts from ProSiebenSat.1 Games and Sony Online Entertainment

Battle Buddy

  • This 3-day +50% XP boost code can be given to a buddy or squad mate to increase experience gain by 50% for 3 days on their character

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