It was revealed at E3 today that Gears of War: Judgment’s multiplayer setup will include ‘Over Run’ mode, dubbed as a mash-up between Gears of War 3’s Horde and Beast modes.

Over Run is a class based mode that sees the COG take on specific roles.

For example, you can take the medic role and heal your teammates, play as an engineer and setup turrets, or play as a scout to climb towers and make good use of a sniper rifle. The opposing Locust team will be split into different Locust types that can work together using their own traits. For example, a Locust can throw a grenade for a Ticker to eat before running into the enemy and blowing up.

The idea is a continuation of the Beast mode system of classes being assigned to various types of Locust character, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. In theory, Over Run should add a wide variety of gameplay options beyond camping with a sniper or running up to a dude’s face with a shotgun.

We’ll have a lot more on Gears of War: Judgment as E3 continues.

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