Play Battlefield 4 free now for a week with Origin Game Time

battlefield 4 blade

Miss out on Battlefield 4? Still want to try it? Now’s your chance.

Battlefield 4 was plagued with issues when it was released and there’s still a few things to sort out, but it’s healthier now than it was on release. Perhaps you did the sensible thing and didn’t rush out and buy it when it launched avoiding all the “OMG it’s Battlefield” hype only to discover the multiplayer was a mess.

Now might be a good time to see how it’s improved as Origin has added it to their Game Time system which allows anyone to play it for a whole week for free. As they like to point out, that’s 168 hours of shooting people or being shot at.

Think of this as a free time limited demo but with all the content so it’s actually better than a demo because there’s no limitations. If you like it then buy it, that’s the idea anyway.

You can start playing by heading the Game Time page.

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