June 19th, 2017

Play Star Citizen and Arena Commander free until 5 September

Star Citizen

A handy code that grants you access to Star Citizen for a few days for free.

With DragonCon currently taking place, Cloud Imperium are running a small promo that grants access to Star Citizen and Arena Commander until 5 September. That’s access to all the current content with one ship which is more than enough as a taster.

“Roberts Space Industries is proud to offer DragonCon 2014 attendees with a free flight week-end to try out Star Citizen’s Arena Commander module! If you have a valid code given to you on the floor of DragonCon 2014, paste it below to activate the Dragon Con free flight weekend on your account!

With this pass you will be able to download and install the game, walk around the Hangar Module and sit in an RSIAurora trainer ship that you can then take into flight in Arena Commander. Once activated the pass is valid until September 5 2014!”

That’s a pretty great offer if you’ve not tried the game yet and it’s a good test to see if your rig can handle it. Simply use this code for the free access.


Go to promo page and punch it in once you’ve signed up. See you in space!

Thanks MorningLM for spotting that.

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  • Comments: 3
    • https://www.facebook.com/sean.westrick Sean Westrick

      That is pretty cool hopefully people at Dragon Con will find this something they might want to try.

      Even though I think it would be a better idea just to have it open to ANYONE who wants to try it even if they weren’t at dragon con. It would make it open for sooomany more people but still only having them access it probably for a few weeks until they actually decide to pledge into something they end up liking.

    • Charagrin

      Nice share guys, thanks.

    • starlord

      Can you play multiplayer with this version of the game?