State of Decay

Update 17/10/2013: The full keyboard and mouse support could be released by end of this week.

Undead Labs has just released State of Decay as a controller only Steam Early Access version which is giving the development team the opportunity to bug test the PC version and also continue work on the controls.

Although Undead Labs state it’s a controller only version, there are keyboard and mouse controls available straight out the box as part of the game engine. Undead Labs are not really supporting these controls until they’re tweaked by the development team but you can still play with them.

If you want to play the zombie survival title with the keyboard and mouse, this is the current key mappings.


  • Left mouse button – Attack/Fire
  • Right mouse button – Aim weapon mode
  • Right mouse button and keep hiting SPACE – Shake off zombie
  • Middle mouse button – Change Weapon / Map zoom / inventory cycle


  • ESC  – Menu
  • TAB – Inventory and character sheet
  • W – Forward
  • A – Back
  • S – Left
  • D – Right
  • E – Interact / Open / Search (hold key and LEFT Shift for faster search)
  • SHIFT E while crouching – Silent Kill
  • F – Use item / Throw / Add silencer to fun from inventory
  • M – Map
  • R – Reload
  • T – Torch On/Off
  • Left SHIFT- Sprint / Move faster
  • Left CNTRL – Sneak/Crouch
  • Left CNTRL while running – Slide
  • SPACE – Jump
  • Q – Car horn


  • Disagree – Left mouse (hold down) + Left CNTRL
  • Agree – Left mouse  (hold down) + Space
  • Taunt – Left mouse  (hold down) + Q
  • Cheer- Left mouse  (hold down) + E

As you can see, the controls that are set as default in the Early Access version are pretty much what you ‘d expect to play with anyway so don’t let the fact that Undead Labs are touting it as “controller only” put you off. Just expect bugs and other typical issues that would appear in a pre-release build.

Paul Younger
Founder and Editor of PC Invasion. Founder of the world's first gaming cafe and Veteran PC gamer of over 22 years.

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