Online play between iOS and Android devices now possible via Playdek’s advanced technology

Playdek, a leading mobile video game publisher, announced its critically-acclaimed Summoner Wars game is now available on Google Play and the Amazon Appstore. Now available as a free download for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Android devices and Kindle Fire tablets, Summoner Wars is Playdek’s first Android game and allows players to compete against each other across different platforms via Playdek’s online system.

Playdek also announced a new Summoner Wars Faction Pack, including all current nine factions (Cave Goblins, Cloaks, Fallen Kingdom, Guild Dwarves, Jungle Elves, Tundra Orcs, Vangards, Benders, and Mountain Vargath), the reinforcements for those factions and the Mercenary Pack 1 available for $7.99. To access the cross-platform play, iOS users will need to update the game.

“We are very excited to release our first Playdek Android App, allowing new audiences to play our games,” said Joel Goodman, CEO, Playdek.  “With our great online features and proprietary technology, players from different platforms can play against each other, making the Summoner Wars experience even more compelling.”

Summoner Wars offers all of Playdek’s online features such as real-time and asynchronous online play, as well as pass-and-play multiplayer features or play against AI opponents. With online access, players can also play more than one game at a time, making the Summoner Wars experience last.

In Summoner Wars, players take on the role of a Summoner and cast spells, summon warriors to a battlefield and tactically maneuver them in an effort to defeat their opponent’s Summoner. Each faction offers unique play and requires players to adapt to the special strategies available to that faction.

To download Summoner Wars for free, go to GooglePlayAmazon Appstore, or the App Store.  In addition to the 9 Faction Bundle + Mercenary Pack 1 for $7.99, individual factions are available for download for $1.99 each.

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