Pokémon SV Teal Mask DLC: Can Poltchageist be Shiny?

Can Poltchageist Be Shiny
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Among the brand new Pokémon added to Scarlet and Violet with the Teal Mask DLC is Poltchageist and its evolution Sinistcha. They are two Ghost and Grass Pokémon with a matcha tea look. Even though they share all the same mechanics as Sinistea and Polteageist, such as the evolution having two forms, the two are completely separate Pokémon. Since we’re discussing new Pokémon, a natural thought to have is what about their shiny forms? Can Poltchageist be Shiny?

Can you find a shiny Poltchageist in the Teal Mask DLC?

Yes, you absolutely can! Poltchageist is a regular and ordinary Pokémon. It has no reason to be shiny-locked like some legendaries can be. Using the sandwich shiny hunting method as usual works just fine to try and shiny hunt for one, though I would recommend Ghost over Grass because other Grass types are around the area. Ghost helps narrow it down more. You can find Poltchageist in bamboo groves all day, of which there are several in the area of the map between Mossui Town and Kitakami Town.

Poltchageist Map Locations

Screenshot: Nintendo

In fact, someone has already found a shiny Poltchageist and the DLC’s not even been out a full day. From what can be seen in this video, shiny Poltchageist… doesn’t look that different from the normal form. The jar is tinted green instead of dark brown, and the hands are a bit lighter. Mostly, though, the stirring stick it’s holding looks as if it’s tinted lighter. Overall, you could mistake the two for each other from a distance and in certain lighting. Perhaps, unless it looks better as a Sinistcha, I wouldn’t personally recommend prioritizing it in your shiny hunt unless you just really want one. There’s got to be cooler new shinies to hunt unless you’re just a big Ghost type fan like myself.

In any case, if you want to try and shiny hunt Poltchageist, you have everything you need to do just that. Just bring lots of sandwich materials!

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