This is the Police 2 announced releasing in 2018

This is the Police 2 announced releasing in 2018

This is the Police 2 is promising more of the adventure management experience that appeared in the first game but with improvements.

This time there will be new game mechanics to bolster the strategic and tactical parts of the game. No the police you control are more than just resources and have their own personalities, strengths, and weaknesses.

This is the Police 2 is set in the cold northern border town of Shapwood and it’s unfortunately been populated by smugglers, gangs and screaming populists. The main protagonist is Lilly Reed who is being voiced by Sarah Hamilton who worked on The Longest Journey. As young female sheriff, Lilly will have to battle against prejudices and keep her team in order. A strange character called Warren Nash has also just appeared in town and nobody knows what is motives are.

This is the Police 2 will be appearing later this year on PC.

Paul Younger

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  • clockworkerr0r

    I absolutely love the artstyle for this game. I think it’s really going to help it stand out, because not a lot of games go for this kind of simplistic shading style now. The fact that it’s heavy on strategical elements also really appeals to me. It seems like we’re getting a ton of great games this year though. Another one that I’m really excited for is Nova Nukers. It’s a competitive multiplayer, and their design of a spherical stage/map really caught my eye. I’m really excited to try out all the weapons they’ve designed on this type of map.