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The residents of Moonbury are always in need of aid. As the only chemist in town, you’re going to have to treat them if you want to remain in good standing. Here’s our Potion Permit guide to help you diagnose ailments and heal villagers.

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Potion Permit guide – How to diagnose ailments and heal villagers

Whenever a Moonbury NPC is in trouble, an alert icon flashes in the upper-right corner of your screen. You’ll want to head to the clinic immediately to see what’s going on.

Inspect the patient on the bed and pay attention to what they’re saying. They’ll tell you if a certain body part hurts, which means you’ll have to move your cursor there until a circular icon appears.

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A couple of minigames can then occur as you attempt to heal villagers in Potion Permit:

  • Follow the sequence – Directional arrows will pop on your screen in quick succession. Press them in the right sequence to increase the NPC’s satisfaction.
  • Tap, Tap, Revolution – Directional arrows will scroll sideways across your screen. You’ll need to press them just as they hit the marked sweet spot.

Potion Permit Heal Villager Diagnose 2

Once you’ve done these, your character will diagnose the issue and the name of the medicine that needs to be applied. Here are some other tidbits:

  • If you already have a particular medicine or a certain type of ailment has been diagnosed, you can use that concoction immediately.
  • If not, then you’ll need to brew the corresponding flask by way of the cauldron mechanic. Make sure you have enough ingredients so you can treat the illness quickly.
  • In some cases, your character won’t know the recipe yet, which means you’ll have to complete a research task to learn it.

There are also additional factors to consider depending on how quickly you can treat villagers:

  • The number that appears next to a character denotes how many days they’ll remain in the clinic.
  • If you’re unable to heal them in time, the village’s trust rating will go down. That NPC will also be moved to a different facility that’s not in Moonbury.
  • If you successfully treat them, you’ll be rewarded with some gold, as well as Moon Cloves. This item is used to boost your relationship levels with NPCs.

Potion Permit Heal Villager Diagnose 3

Potion Permit is available via Steam.

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