Prime World (4)

Nival, the developers behind Heroes of Might and Magic V and Silent Storm, have announced that their new title Prime World is now in open beta. As far as I can make out, this is a game that wants to be all of the genres at once. Here are the ones mentioned in the press release: RPG, MOBA, MMO.

So yes, it’s … one of those. It’s also free-to-play, which means hide your wallets lest you be tempted into a foolish set of microtransactions that you’ll regret in the morning. There are, apparently, eight game modes to try and the “MOBA-style” battles are mixed with MMO/RPG-ish persistent hero progression. I thought that was the one thing that MOBAs tended not to do, but I’m not a Professor of MOBAology like Tim.

There are Player-vs-Player options, alongside Player-vs-Environment. Then there’s one listed as “PVPVE” which, man, I don’t even know any more. Player-vs-Porcupine-vs-Electricity?

If nothing else, it sounds highly unusual. You can sign up and have a go, here.

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