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Prison Architect alpha 22 is all about bashing bugs

prison architect classroom

The latest Prison Architect alpha is out, and this time, it’s all about cracking down on bugs.

That’s not to say this alpha is about prison hygiene or hiring exterminators: it’s about the programmers knuckling down and removing bugs from the game. Lots of bugs have now been fully excised, and the game should be in a significantly better state than it was last alpha.

This does mean that there aren’t really any brand-new features this month, buuuut the video is absolutely worth watching anyway, if only for the “ask Introversion question” sequence near the end, where Introversion answer questions sent in by the community. Questions like “Will you add the option to use prisoners’ criminal abilities to boost profits, like Shawshank Redemption‘s tax evasion?” and “What is the capital of Madagascar?”, the latter of which mostly triggers a response of “What the fuck is wrong with these people.”

So yes, worth a watch. Give it a look below. Alpha 23, apparently, will be offering the usual additional features, in case you’re disappointed by Introversion spending this month focusing on making Prison Architect work properly.