I’m sure Project Cars will come out eventually, but it won’t be happening in the previously advertised April release window. The latest estimate from Slightly Mad Studios is a mid-May launch.

“Despite [Project Cars] being 99.9% complete, the remaining 0.1% attending to small issues and bugs has been tricky to anticipate,” says Ian Bell of Slightly Mad’s studio head. “We want to thank our fans for their support and patience on this matter. There’s a high expectancy from racing fans around the world … and we firmly believe gamers deserve [Project Cars] to be in its most complete and polished state when they come to play it on day one.”

Given the number of high-profile titles that have had fairly iffy launches in recent months, it’s difficult to feel too bad about a studio that appears to be delaying release for the right reasons.

A little frustrating for people who are waiting for the game, sure. But preferable to launching with a bunch of bugs and glitches.

In addition, Slightly Mad will be giving away some freebies as compensation for the repeated delays. Ian Bell once again: “We would like to offer some free content to all players as compensation for this short delay and as acknowledgement of how grateful we are. This gift, that we’re sure is going to excite fans, will be available from day one and revealed shortly.”

One would imagine it will be virtual car related.

Peter Parrish

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