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PS Plus games for April have been announced

PS Plus may have struck gold with the offerings for the month.

One of the perks of the PS Plus subscription service is Sony gives out free games each month. They can come in a whole different range of genres, so there could be something for everyone. In a blog post, PS Plus games for April have been announced, which include some iconic titles. Read on to find out what games have been confirmed to be released on April 4.

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Note that in order to get these games, you must be a subscriber to at least the basic tier of PS Plus.

PS Plus games announced for April

The first game – Meet Your Maker comes from Behaviour Interactive, the studio behind Dead By Daylight. You can either play solo or with a friend and will have you create bases on your own. The spin is that other players can raid your base and vice versa so you’d need to figure out ways to make raiding difficult. The community-driven aspect could help Meet Your Maker last since players be creative in what they do. Unlike the other games on PS Plus that have been announced, Meet Your Maker will be a day-one release on the service.

Meet Your Maker Setting Up A Trap

Image via Behaviour Interactive

The latest Sackboy entry is also slated to make it on PS Plus as well. Sackboy: A Big Adventure is a 3D platformer that could be a time sink since the levels are plentiful. You’ll be spending a ton of time going through each of them and collecting power-ups. The game also features options for multiplayer, both local and online-only, with up to four players. Tackling the co-op-only section of the game could add more playtime. There are also modes in Sackboy: A Big Adventure that can be done as party play. If you like variety with no end, this game could be for you.

Tails of Iron is a hand-drawn RPG adventure game and possibly one of the more brutal games announced in the PS Plus lineup. You play as a rat and are tasked with saving your home from frog-like enemies. If you’re a fan of niche stories with interesting designs, Tails of Iron could be something for you. It should be taken into account that the game has a learning curve, so expect a lot of challenges.

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