As the releases and firmware updates continue to flow, the Vita bashers are having a hard time finding fuel for their editorial fires. In the past month or so we’ve seen Remote Play (Ico and SOTC/ GOW Collection), PS1 Classics and titles like Sound Shapes and Little Big Planet make the Vita  that much more appealing to even the most reluctant supporter. Knowing the power and potential of the Vita, I invite you to take a glimpse into what we can expect as the Vita continues to come of age.

More Games

The high of a decent launch line-up was short lived as the Vita titles slowed to a trickle just months after release. It appears that development cycles mirror that of consoles rather than the traditional handheld. Our wait has been rewarded by high scoring releases such as Disgaea 3, Mortal Kombat, Gravity Rush and Metal Gear HD Collection.

Announcements like Black Ops: Declassified, Assassins Creed III Liberation, Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale and Killzone Mercenary have served to quiet naysayers but until they’re released we’re still yet to see how they fair. Less than a year into its life cycle the Vita has quite the selection and when you also consider PSN, PSP, Minis, and PS1 titles, the “No games” argument seems to have run its course.

More Apps

Vita apps or the lack thereof haven’t really been an object of discontent. Most of us made our purchases based on a gaming standpoint, whatever apps the Vita happens to get just become icing on the cake. So even though we all have Twitter and Facebook on our phones, we also have it on Vita. Flickr is very useful but I’m not too sure if anyone uses Foursquare (kinda creepy).

Netflix works like a charm and shortly after Nico Nico we finally got a YouTube app. Skype has been around since PSP but on Vita it’s sure to be more useful and with Hulu on the way it shouldn’t be long before others follow as well. The Vita’s browser has undergone improvements such as the use of the rear touchpad for navigation but still many find it to be lacking overall. It would also be nice to see some productivity and e-reader type applications in the future.

More Advertised Functionality

Prior to the Vita launch, Sony hyped up the Vita’s capabilities but once it launched we still had to wait for features. Remote Play is something we’ve seen both officially and unofficially but until recently we’ve only seen limited implementation. Even now with the Ico and God of War collections, the results have been mixed are as far as framerates and connections are concerned but there’s also the fact that these are still just shinier PS2 games. How long until we get to play real PS3 titles via Remote Play?

And since we’re on the subject of PS2, when are going to get PS2 titles on the Vita? From a business standpoint it makes perfect sense to first capitalize on PS1 sales but we all know the Vita is capable of emulating a PS2. I guess we’ll have to be patient; it was only recently that PS2 titles began being offered on PSN. Finally, Cross Play features have appeared here and there since launch but as Street Fighter X Tekken and Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale nears release we have more chances to see the viability of Cross Platform Play.

More on the Horizon

Slowly but surely the Vita is becoming all that Sony has promised and perhaps more. The Mobile SDK will ensure a constant stream of affordable distractions in the months to come and $100 per kit, even your project could become the next big thing in gaming. Angry Zombie Ops anyone?

Also we’ve recently got word that Playstation Plus is making its way to the Vita. The specifics are yet to be disclosed but free games and content are always appealing. With several exciting titles in the pipeline and also those yet to be announced, the Vita’s first year looks to be a bright one. With no price cut in sight it looks like the Vita is beginning to offer more value and quality gaming experiences to justify the price of admission.

In the future we’ll see more creative Cross Controller features such as LBP 2 and other titles yet to be announced. Not to take away from the Wii U but a lot of what I’ve seen is very much possible with the Vita Ps3 combo. Then there are Cross Buy incentives that provide significant value for gamers to take advantage of both console and portable versions without having to pay twice for the same title and or content. As we move closer and closer to a PS4 launch we can guarantee that it’ll get along just fine with the Vita. What else about the Vita are you looking forward to?




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