Psa Dont Sell Extra Weapons In No Rest For The Wicked
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PSA: Don’t sell extra weapons in No Rest for the Wicked

Don't lose Runes.

This is a PSA for all No Rest for the Wicked players, don’t sell your extra weapons and extract their Runes instead. I didn’t even know Rune extraction was possible!

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Extract runes and don’t sell extra weapons in No Rest for the Wicked

In this PSA post on the No Rest for the Wicked subreddit, this user warns players to not sell extra weapons, instead, they should extract them for their Runes. Runes are abilities you can perform with your weapons once you gain enough Focus.

Sure, you can purchase some Runes from Eleanor in Sacrament (one of the many merchants), but you get the best ones by extracting them. Here’s how it’s done:

  1. Speak to Eleanor and select “Rune.”
  2. Select the weapon for Rune extraction.
  3. Hover over the Rune you want to extract and press the “C” key.
Psa Dont Sell Extra Weapons In No Rest For The Wicked Extract Runes
Screenshot: PC Invasion

As a reminder, extracting a Rune will destroy the weapon. This means that you can only extract one Rune per weapon, so choose wisely. You should also know that certain Runes are only available for certain weapon types. For example, Ice Whirl on the weapon in the image above would only be available for one-handed spears.

Once you’ve extracted a Rune you’d like to attach to your main weapon, simply select the weapon of choice and choose the Rune to add to an available slot. If you would rather make money off of selling weapons instead of obtaining the Runes, go ahead. But selling weapons could have you lose out on a cool Rune or two.

The replies to that Reddit post warning players about this mechanic have thanked the OP for showing them that they could do this. Although I assumed you could extract Runes, I didn’t notice the button prompt for it initially and started selling most of my weapons instead.

Hopefully, you won’t make the same mistake and now know not to sell all weapons. Speaking of PSAs, you should also know not to destroy items in NRFTW.

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