The Final Shape Destiny 2 Campaign
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PSA: You don’t have to use Prismatic in The Final Shape campaign in Destiny 2

Other subclasses are perfectly fine in The Final Shape.

Discovering and unlocking the Prismatic subclass is a huge focus of The Final Shape campaign in Destiny 2, but some players are frustrated because it feels like most missions are restricting their loadouts and forcing them to use it. Despite how it may seem at first, however, that’s actually not the case.

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Bound enemies are the primary cause of most players’ frustrations. These glowing pink enemies are immune to all sources of damage until a player activates Transcendence — a special ability unique to the Prismatic subclass — and removes their shields to make them vulnerable to normal weapons and abilities.

Destiny 2 The Final Shape Bound Enemies
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Since Transcendence is a Prismatic ability, most players feel like The Final Shape campaign forces them to only use the new subclass instead of their existing Light and Darkness builds.

As it turns out, though, you can actually use Solar, Arc, Void, Stasis, or Strand subclasses perfectly fine in The Final Shape campaign. When you encounter Bound enemies, there will always be a glowing pink fount of light that builds up your Transcendence meter regardless of your equipped subclass. Just stand in the light for a few seconds and you’ll be able to activate Transcendence to remove the Bound enemies’ shields.

Bound enemies are rarely encountered outside of The Final Shape campaign and the new Pale Heart of the Traveler destination, but this is still some super good advice for Destiny players who already have great builds for existing subclasses.

The Final Shape campaign slowly dishes out the Aspects and Fragments required to upgrade the Prismatic subclass too, so you can just use a different subclass if you want to avoid being nerfed and having a harder time on Legendary difficulty.

The Prismatic subclass is a ton of fun once you have most of its abilities, however, and it’s already finding its place in the Destiny 2 meta because of its flexibility. It pairs well with all of the new Final Shape Exotics too, so the buildcrafting possibilities are nearly endless.

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