A new trailer for Dungeonland confirms what most people who’ve seen the game have probably been hoping for since day one; a mode where you play as the Dungeon Master himself, unleashing hordes of enemies on the unsuspecting heroes (your pals). This mode is an alternative to the standard up-to-four-player co-op one, where you all band together against an AI Dungeon Master.

    Instead, it’s up-to-three in co-op, and one evil human Dungeon Master. The tools of the adventurer’s theme park will be at your disposal, as will the beasts and bosses of your dastardly lair.

    Watch the trailer below for an explanation of how it all works. The main problem I foresee is too many people wanting to take this role instead of being a bog-standard hero.

    Dungeonland is due early next year.

    Peter Parrish

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