Pure Farming 2018 is getting support for more wheels in new update

Pure Farming 2018 is getting support for more wheels in new update

Wheels definitely enhance the driving experience in games and simulators. That’s why it can be a bummer when a hobbyist’s specific wheel isn’t recognized by a program. The folks over at the IceFlames studio have listened to the requests of their fans and will be expanding wheel support for Pure Farming 2018 in an upcoming update. Six wheels will be compatible with Pure Farming 2018, check out the rundown:

  • Logitech G Saitek Farm Sim Controller
  • Logitech G27
  • Thrustmaster TX Leather Edition
  • Thrustmaster TS-XW (Sparco)
  • Thrustmaster T150
  • Thrustmaster T80

In addition, to support for these six wheels, the upcoming update will also include more new features and improvements like improved Zetor tractors, new DAF trucks, an overhauled AI Helper system, Michelin tires, a Joskin Pack, and two more unannounced features. This update is set to launch later this month.


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