Putting down roots: Tropico 4’s ‘Plantador’ DLC

Kalypso has announced a new DLC pack for Tropico 4 concentrating on the greener side of things. If you fancy improving your chances of being a sugar, tobacco or coffee mogul, the ‘Plantador’ release may be for you. Priced at £4.00 GBP (450 MS Points), it includes the following delights.
First, there’s a new building, the plantation which is essentially a large farm that can produce more crops and house more workers (don’t worry, they get paid). In addition, your El Presidente avatar can now wear a sombrero and take the plantador character trait (boosting agriculture production and export prices). On top of that there’s a new “Research” mission and a few decorative items like water towers.
The Plantador DLC is available for both Xbox 360 and PC versions of the game. Enjoy some scenic island images, below.