Dragon Age 3: Inquisition (1)

    A diligent BioWare Social Network poster going by the superb name of “ElitePinecone” was in attendance at PAX Australia when BioWare was giving a panel chat about Dragon Age: Inquisition. Mr. or Ms. Pinecone was splendid enough to do a little write-up (scroll down a little to find it on that link) of this event, which contains one or two additional bits of information about the upcoming third entry in the series.

    As expected, the team is wanting to go back to bigger, broader story; more akin to Origins than the city-centric tale in Dragon Age II. There’ll be a demon invasion happening thanks to a breach in the veil and, at the same time, human nations and factions fighting one another. Kind of chaotic all ’round, then.

    The E3 trailer scene featuring Varric surrounded by dead bodies is something that can, apparently, happen in the game. It represents one of the consequences of your Inquisition actions (or perhaps lack of action.) In addition, the E3 trailer showed two new enemies: the club-wielding crystal/rock monster, and the skeletal creature called a “Nightmare.”

    BioWare is making encouraging noises (of course) about both combat and the choices you’ll make in the game. The former is said to be a mix of the original game’s “tactical” fighting and whatever you’d call Dragon Age II’s system. Choice-wise, writer Patrick Weekes is wanting to stay away from the binary “save baby or Warlock” type dilemmas and create choices which will feel right for your character’s personality and worldview. That’s always the dream with RPGs of this kind, so we’ll see how that goes.

    Finally, in case the name hadn’t already given it away, the player will be leading the Inquisition (who are, it’s said, not part of the Chantry.)

    More information will be coming in the next weeks and months, but as this game is now coming in 2014 and has extra development time the news and usual promotional stuff may also take its time to arrive.

    Peter Parrish

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