The last time we saw some DLC for Rage, it was the ‘Anarchy Edition’ back in February 2012. So it’s been a fair while since there was anything much heard about this game. Id still appears to be supporting it though, as there’s another add-on available for the title today.

In ‘The Scorchers’, you’ll be once again pitted against a “maniacal” bandit gang who want to destroy the wasteland (which is a bit crazy, since that’s where everyone lives). New weapons and new areas are promised too.

As well as that, it adds an ‘extended play’ option that allows you to carry on beyond the original game’s ending and harvest up any collectables you may have missed. It will also introduce a new, extreme difficulty mode called ‘Ultra-Nightmare’.

The add-on is released today on PC, costing £3.70 GBP.




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