‘Making of’ DVD, Comic Books and various in-game items included.
Bethesda have today announced that UK retailers Game and Gamestation (both owned by the same parent company) will be getting their own Collector’s Edition of id Software’s upcoming FPS Rage.
Included in the bundle is a ‘Making of’ DVD featuring discussions with various members of the development team regarding weapons, ammo types, enemies, gadgets and the creation of the world itself. There’s also a set of comic books that tell a prequel story to the events of the game.
The four downloadable in-game items are the same as those found in Rage’s ‘Anarchy Edition’. These include:

Double Barrel Shotgun
Crimson Elite Armour (allows you to carry more items and provides greater protection)
Fists of Rage (razor tipped ‘knuckle blade’ melee weapon)
Rat Rod Buggy (heavily shielded vehicle)


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