Rage “Progressive Experience” Without RPG Elements

id Software’s Rage design director, Matt Hooper, has told IncGamers there is no RPG element in Rage, but the player can expect to have a “progressive experience”.
“It’s interesting because people always mention ‘do you an RPG element?’ and really when you talk about role-paying and being a character and what do you gain, you do that in Rage.”
Hooper explained that you start with nothing and progress collecting your ammo types and weapon types which get better as you go along.
“You go around the world looting dead bodies, you learn which bandits have what type of loot, and you decide how to use that,” he said.
When asked if there was a limit to how much you can carry, Hooper said that there wasn’t at all.
“We didn’t want to go that far to the RPG side,” Hooper said.
“You have to fight and earn everything you get, so keep it. Put it in your backpack and take it back to town. You earned it. There is no restriction right now, whatever you kill, you keep.”