Rage Site Goes Live

id Software has launched a website for its upcoming futuristic shooter/racer hybrid, Rage. The somewhat cryptic Flash site shows a snapshot of the post-apocalyptic wasteland and introduces us to a narrator who does not know where, or when, he is. From exploring the site, you find evidence of a crashed plane and a ticket bearing the name Benjamin Green. There are mutants in the area, as well as warnings not to drink the contaminated groundwater as it can cause a number of ailments including “mutant swine flu.”The site also features a message from the Authority Wasteland Assistance (AWA) offering to protect people from the mutants, although the message also contains sinister undertones. “Never forget,” it says “that the life you enjoy is a gift from the Authority.”It appears as if the site also holds a few more secrets as there is a dialogue box in which you can enter a AWA employee ID.Check it out for yourself here.

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