Train Simulator 2013

    Cult favourite Train Simulator 2013 has released a new add-on, focused on the high speed route between London and Faversham (that’d be the one in Kent.) It’s a stand-alone expansion, so you don’t even need a copy of the main Train Simulator 2013 game to play it. This ease of use comes at a price, however, as the high speed route will set you back $40 USD.

    In it, you can drive the Japanese-made Hitachi Class 395 train (dubbed the “Javelin”) at speeds of up to 140mph. Unless the weather is a bit off, obviously.

    Along the route you’ll be able to see famous landmarks, including: “London St Pancras, Ebbsfleet International Station, Rochester Castle and Cathedral, and the QEII Bridge at Dartford.”

    Best of all, it seems as if the makers of Train Simulator 2013 are starting to take slight influence from the various dubstep-infused Train Sim videos out there on youtube. Just watch this latest official trailer to see what I mean.

    Peter Parrish

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