Play Rainbow Six Siege free this weekend

Play Rainbow Six Siege free this weekend

UbiSoft’s Rainbow Six Siege is getting a free weekend which will kick off on 24 August and conclude on 27 August.

During the free weekend, the game will also be on sale with 50% off which is solid deal for what has turned out to be a hugely popular game. All progress made from the free weekend can also be carried over if the game is purchased.

The latest content from Year 2 Season 3, Operation Blood Orchid, will also deploy release on the Technical Test Server (PC) on August 29th and it’s expected to launch on 5 September on all platforms. Operation Orchid launches with a new Theme Park map set in Hong Kong and three new operators, two from Hong Kong and one from Poland.

To get involved, head to the website for more information

Paul Younger

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